About Me

Welcome to my websiteWelcome to my website. My name is Alex Verbeek. I care about our small beautiful planet and want to preserve it for the next generation. I, therefore, work as a public speaker, moderator and work with others on several environmental projects, for instance, at EDRC. This is my personal blog that I started in March 2021; only some posts are work-related, many are not.

I hope you will enjoy this mix of information on climate change, biodiversity, travel, photography, or anything else that caught my attention. Since I don’t want to start with empty pages, I have added some older articles, blogs, and interviews. But I must admit that I have no clear idea what this site will look like in a year from now; I am starting an interesting journey and you are most welcome to join. You can use the form below if you would like to contact me.

Alex Verbeek, March 2021

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