A top ten of small tweeps with big tweets on environment

top ten small tweeps image Grand Canyon tops

It is difficult to keep track of all the information that is shared on the many thousands of twitter accounts that I follow. So, like many of you, I make my own lists of favorites on different subjects; some of them have more than a million followers. But between all those impressive accounts of Al Gore or UNFCCC that I actively follow, there are also some accounts that have less than two-hundred followers, I always look for small tweeps with big tweets on the environment.

As a contribution to the many #FollowFriday tweets I would like to share with you a top ten of small twitter accounts that are interesting to follow because they share information on environmental issues. The list starts with the smallest account that has only 13 followers. If you like my tweets you may find them interesting to follow as well. Please help them to reach a bigger audience.

top ten small tweeps image Grand Canyon tops

1. I don’t even know the name of @iZYMCOS, who has only 13 followers on her interesting twitter feed. @iZYMCOS’s (re)tweets are all on environmental issues like food waste, fracking, renewable energy or forests. She deserves more followers!

2. Slightly more followers are to be found on the twitter feed of Andrea Batchelor. Her 43 followers can daily read her tweets on issues like coal mining, sea-level rise, and wildfires. She has no bio so I can’t say much more about her, but you should follow her at @AMBatchelor

3. @CatalinCaranfil wrote nearly 5000 tweets for her 78 followers, and they are interesting for those that follow climate change, sea-level rise, or the water challenges that we face on this planet.

4. Neha Tyagi has 87 followers and shares interesting information on sustainability, renewable energy, and climate change. Follow her on @TheNehaTyagi

5. Howard Cambridge has been for many years a research associate for the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). In his tweets, his 93 followers can, for instance, read that the SEI reached this year again an impressive second place in the global ranking of environmental institutes. Read his tweets on a wide range of ecological research at @HCambridge_SEI

6. Rick Rigazio shares daily information on oceans, oil spills, water pollution, floods, science and much more to his 97 followers via @CAPTRick74

7. Methane, glaciers, water, and other environmental challenges are some of the diverse ecological issues that are shared by @emilywnewton. She is a University of Pennsylvania graduate student in environmental studies.

8. @MarcusCarson56 is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute. He tweets in his own words on Arctic, nature & society, or other items interesting, compelling or disturbing.

9. Kathryn Pharr is a senior water advisor at the State Department. You won’t be surprised that most of her tweets are about the world’s pressing water challenges. Recent tweets are, for instance, on sanitation, water techniques for agriculture in India, and the drought in Ethiopia. But there is much more on other issues as well, like the circular economy or oceans. Follow Kathryn at @KathrynPharr

10. And why do I even have to mention Bernice Lee on this list? @BerniceWLee, with her many years of excellent work for Chatham House and the World Economic Forum, should be followed by so many more followers. We are lucky to have her sharing her expertise and insights with us on energy policies, renewables, and a range of other environmental, social, and development issues.

Well, this was the first list of ten. With your help, all of them should soon have more followers and lose their position on this list. Let me know if this was helpful, and I will share more names on another #FF Friday.