Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish, scientist, inventor, religious philosopher, and mystic. In the 1740’s he lived on Södermalm, at the top of Hornsgatan, where he had a famous garden. Nothing is left of it, except for his gazebo, a tiny house to enjoy the garden. It was moved to Skansen in the late 19th century where it still is today.

By that time Swedenborg’s connection to Södermalm had already been recognized by naming a street after him. Swedenborgsgatan is now one of those lovely streets that are given back to the pedestrians in the summer. A simple measure, that changes the character of the neighborhood in such a positive way. People sit and read on the benches, restaurants have their terraces in the street, and there is no noise or pollution of the cars.

I sat here today, outside, in wonderful weather, enjoying a pain au chocolat of Bageri Petrus. Who wouldn’t enjoy Stockholm in late spring and summertime?